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Library collection directions

(Revised and passed pursuant to the Library Committee Meeting dated Nov 16, 2005)


  1. The library of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Library) established the Library collection directions (hereinafter referred to as The Direction) to administer the collection of materials as well as the development of Library collection and thereof characteristic.
  2. To enrich collection, the Library materials are categorized into books, journals (periodicals), database, reference books and audio-visual materials.
  3. Books in the Library include general collection, conference proceedings, research reports, thesis and dissertations of NTUST graduates, promotion works of NTUST teachers etc.
  4. Journals in the Library include general periodicals, university journals, news reports, newsletters, microforms etc.
  5. Database in the Library include indexes, abstracts, journal full texts, conference proceedings, patents, standards, encyclopedia, dictionaries, technical reports, newspapers, directories, guidelines, union catalog etc.
  6. Reference books in the Library include bibliography, catalogues, indexes, abstracts, dictionaries, encyclopedia, annuals, chronologies, chronicle of events, biography references, geography references, laws and regulations, patents, standards, statistics, directories, guidelines, manuals, handbooks etc.
  7. Audio-visual materials in the Library include audio, visual, multimedia materials etc.
  8. The Library concluded an individual direction regarding the distribution and management of the Library budget to effectively use the budget in order to fully respond to teaching and studying needs and also to assure the service quality.
  9. The library concluded an individual direction regarding the exchange, gifts, purchase, copies and selection of Library collection to benefit the gathering and reserving of materials.
  10. To establish an institutional repository, the Library has the right to collect various kinds of publications and related information of NTUST.  The direction for such collection is concluded individually.
  11. Deficiencies of this direction should be compensated and administered in accordance with relevant regulations.
  12. This rule is passed by the Library Committee and shall be promulgated after it is sanctioned by the president. The same will apply in the case of amendments and revisions.