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Readers Services

1.Circulation Service

The University faculty, staff and students may borrow books in person at the library during the stipulated times using their faculty or staff ID, student ID or library card. Users must follow the Circulation Rules and Privileges


2.Library Card Application

It is required for users who are not students or faculty of NTUST, as Alumni, Project Research Assistants, Retired Faculty/Staff, Visiting Scholars/Student, please fill out the Library Card Application Form to get a library card if they want to borrow items from NTUST library.


3.Lost Library Card

Library users will be responsible for any use made of the Library Card. For your protection, contact the Library immediately to report a lost or stolen card. You are responsible for anything borrowed on your card until it is reported lost or stolen to the Library.


4.Items Seeking Service

You can apply for "Seeking items" service if you are unable to find an available NTSUT item on the shelves, please Fill out 「Item search Request Form」 at the circulation desk.


5.Book Drop Service

Readers may drop the to-be returned items and attachments in the book drop box located at the Library entrance when counters close. The return date will be the following service day.


6.Audio-Vedio material Service

AV Materials which located on the 1st floor, and can be checked out, has DVDs, CDs and multi- media materials of general subjects to support the research, study and recreation needs of faculty and students.

AV Materials which located on the 2nd floor, are public Releases and provides equipment for users to view here.


7.Library Facilities & Services

The Library has networked computers, bookable Group Study rooms where you can practice your presentations or have meetings and silent study areas. There are color, black and white printing/ photocopying services available. We have wireless access throughout the University and a self-service laptop loan facility.