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Rules of Overdue Fine and Lost

(Revised and passed pursuant to the Library Committee dated Oct 21, 1997)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 2nd Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2005 dated Apr 12, 2006)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 1st Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2016 dated Dec 21, 2016)


  1. Library of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Library) in accordance with the Library Loan regulation Article 10 and 14 formulates the following direction to administer overdue fine and lost
  2. Borrowed materials should be returned before the due date.  Fines are $5 per item per day.

  3. Readers are held responsible for replacement of any lost, defacement and damage of borrowed materials and attachments and should complete the replacement formality at the Library within the due date.
            (1) Either a replacement of an exact copy of the title; a new edition of the title
                  precedes if there is any.
            (2) Or a payment three times as high as the original purchase price

  4. For gifts / gift copies or items that can't be applied to Article 3 aforementioned, a replacement bill of $2000 is charged for per Chinese books; $3000 for per English books; $4000 for Audio-Video materials
  5. Readers who attend for the replacement formality after the due date have to clear the overdue fine.
  6. Replacement bills and overdue fine are paid by cash at the Library.
  7. Deficiencies of this rule should be compensated and administered in accordance with relevant regulations.
  8. This direction is passed by the Library Committee and shall be promulgated after it is sanctioned by the president. The same will apply in the case of amendments and revisions.