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User Guide to Light Meal Area

Library Affairs Monthly Meeting Approval – Nov 1, 2017
Library Affairs Monthly Meeting Approval – Dec 3, 2020
1. The opening hours for the first-floor Light Meal Area of the library are the same as those of the third-floor Reading Room:
     Spring and Fall Semesters:  8:10-23:30 (Mon-Fri); 8:30-21:30 (Sat & Sun)
     Summer and Winter Breaks: 8:10-20:00 (Mon-Fri); 8:30-17:00 (Sat & Sun) 
     National Holiday: 8:30-17:00
2. This area is for the exclusive use of eating, drinking, and taking a break.  Do not study in this area.
3. Covered drinks, bread, hamburger, sandwich, and snacks are allowed in the area.  Alcoholic beverages, very smelly food (such as stinky tofu, and fried salty chicken, etc.), pastries, and food belonging to the category of meals, etc. are prohibited in this area.
4. Please remain the environment of this area tidy and hygienic at all times.  Before you leave this area, in order to be eco-friendly, be sure to separate food debris, container, and garbage according to their specific classifications, as posted in trash can or recycle bin around you in the library, before throwing them.
5. Users will have to keep quiet as possible as they can, and be tidy in clothing during stay in this area.  Falling asleep in a sound manner, playing and chasing, shouting and being noisy, occupying seat by placing personal articles on it, and any other behavior to adversely affect other readers in the library are prohibited in this area.  Users not complying with these rules will be reminded of the User Guide to the Light Meal Area and then asked to leave the library if they are unwilling to comply.
6. Users are required to keep their personal belongings in good attendance at all times by themselves.  The library will not be responsible for their loss or damage.  Be sure to bring your personal belongings with you when you leave this area.
7. If this User Guide is approved by the Library Affairs Monthly Meeting, it will be in effect starting from the day when it is approved. Any future modification to this User Guide will also be submitted to the Library Affairs Monthly Meeting for further approval.