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Food and Drink Policy

 (Library Affairs Monthly Meeting Approval - April 12, 2017)

(Library Affairs Monthly Meeting Approval - January 30, 2018)


Article 1: In order to make the library a comfortable and convenient place for study and research, while protecting and preserving the libraries collections, equipment, and furnishings, a new Library food and drink policy has now been set up as follows.

Article 2: All Library users are expected to
(1) Be considerate of others using the Library.
(2) Be respectful of Library collections, equipment, and furnishings.
(3) Be responsible with food and drink in the Library.
(4) Report larger spills, accidents, or damage immediately to Library staff.

Article 3:  In order to create a pleasant study and research environment in the library, all Library users should follow the guidelines of Library Food and Drink Policy.

 (1) Small snacks are permitted in some designated areas of the library, but NOT meals, or greasy, smelly, messy, noisy, or aromatic foods that may disturb those around you.

Foods in the Library which are appropriate are vending machine snacks (which is not greasy, smelly, messy, noisy, or aromatic), candies, Yogurt, cookies, crackers, nuts, granola bars, and fruits (dry), etc.

Foods in the Library which are prohibited are hot/cold meals, salads, sandwiches or wraps, soups, pizza, delivery foods, pastries, sticky or smelly foods, hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, chicken wings, ice cream, potato chips, stinky tofu, and fried salty chicken, etc.

The Library reserves the right to ask anyone to relocate, remove, dispose of food and drink, or leave the library in case of complaints or if found to be in violation of this Policy.

(2) Non-alcoholic beverages may be taken into some designated areas of the library in approved spill-proof containers.

Approved containers include: (i) spill-proof mugs with secure lids and a drinking hole that can be closed; (ii) sports bottles with a drinking spout that can be closed; and (iii) water in capped plastic water bottles.

Containers that are not considered acceptable include: (i) Open cups or mugs, (ii) aluminum cans, (iii) glass bottles, and (iv) paper or Styrofoam cups without lids.

In order to encourage readers to be eco-friendly, and reduce unnecessary waste disposal, do not use paper or Styrofoam cups (with lids) as possible as you can.

(3) Small snacks can only be consumed outside of Reading Rooms located at the second floor of the Library Front Building and the Visual-Audio Area and Discussion Room (2nd floor of the Front Building).

(4) Covered drinks are allowed in the areas of the first, second, and third floors of the Library Front Building, which consist of (i) Leisured Magazines Area and Computer Room for Literature Search (1st floor of the Front Building), (ii) Inside and outside of the Reading Rooms (2nd floor of the Front Building), (iii) the Audio-Visual Area and Discussion Room (2nd floor of the Front Building), and (iv) Periodical Room (3rd floor of the Front Building).

Covered drinks are not permitted in the stacks of the Periodical Room located at the 3rd floor of the Frond Building when browsing or retrieving items.

(5) Food or Drink is not permitted in the stacks located from the first to eighth floors of the Library Rear Building, in the Basement, or in the areas with the Post “ No Food or Drink”.

(6) No food is allowed near computer terminals or other equipment.  Be careful with beverages in these areas.

(7) Food is not allowed in the public service counter in the library.

(8) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the library.

(9) Food waste, beverage containers, and wrappers must be removed from sofa area, study area (room), and periodical room, and disposed of in trash or recycling bins in a timely manner.

If you must dispose of beverages, pour liquids into the bathroom sink before recycling or throwing away the containers.

Sofa area, reading area (room), and periodical room should be left clean.  Alert library staff to spills.

Since food debris can attract vermin, you are expected to take your waste with you when you leave the library should you not find any trash can or recycle bin around you in the library.

(10) Unattended food and drink openly displayed in the public areas may be confiscated and discarded by Libraries’ staff.

(11) Users not complying with these guidelines will be reminded of the policy and then asked to relocate or leave the library if they are unwilling to comply.

(12) Interpretation of these guidelines is at the discretion of Libraries staff.

Article 4: This policy will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure that collections and other resources in the NTUST Library remain unaffected by food and drink in library building.  This policy will be modified if it is not effective in protecting our collections.

Article 5:  If this policy is approved by the Library Affairs Monthly Meeting, it will be in effect starting from May 1, 2017.  Any future modification to this policy will also be submitted to the Library Affairs Monthly Meeting for further approval.