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Circulation Rules and Privileges

(Revised and passed pursuant to the Library Committee Meeting dated May 5, 2002)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the Library Committee Meeting dated Nov 16, 2005)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 2nd Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2005 dated Apr 12, 2006)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 1st Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2006 dated Oct 3, 2006)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 2nd Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2006 dated May 4, 2007)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 2nd Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2013 dated May 8, 2014)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 1st Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2018 dated Oct 23, 2018)

  1. Library of National Taiwan University of Technology and Science (hereinafter referred to as the Library) concluded the Materials Borrow Directions (hereinafter referred to as the Direction) to effectively provide books, materials and resources as well as offer fair, free, timely and convenient services to readers. 
  2. The Library collections are open access for using and borrowing except the following regulations:
    (1) Reference books (dictionary, encyclopedia, yearbook etc.), paper journals and its bound
          edition, rare edition books, special collections, microchips, required reference books etc.
          are not allowed to borrow from the library.
    (2) Rules for electronic journals and database are concluded individually.

  3. The Library serves mainly NTUST faculty and staff, students, part-time teachers and contract staff.
  4. Students, faculty and staff should provide staff ID or student ID when borrowing.
  5. Part-time teachers should bring along contract of employment to apply a valid ID at the Library while contract staff should have the check-in document from the personnel office and prospective graduates should have the check-in completed notice.

  6. Status Books

    A/V Materials

    Total No. of Items(volume) LoanPeriods(Day) Total No. of reserve books Total No. of Renewals Total Amount of Items(piece) Loan Periods (Day) Total No. of Renewals
    Faculty & Staff 50 56 20 5 3 7 1
    Ph.D program Students 40 42 20 5 3 7 1
    Master's program Students 30 42 20 5 3 7 1
    Undergraduates 20 35 20 5 3 7 1
    Contract staff 30 35 20 5 3 7 1
    Part-time teachers 30 35 20 5 3 7 1
    Prospective graduates 20 35 20 5 3 7 1
  7. After 3 weeks (21 days) of borrowing, the Library will notify the borrower to return the borrowed materials in seven days if they are reserved by other readers.  Otherwise, renewals can be made within three days (including the due date) before the due date.  Renewals are not allowed for overdue books.

  8. The Library has the right to inform borrowers to return all borrowed materials because of the need to check, organize or revise materials.

  9. Readers should return the borrowed items and its attachment (disk, CD, tapes etc.) together.

  10. Borrowers who have overdue events mentioned in article 7, 8, and 9 of the Direction will be fined on a daily basis.  The rules of overdue fine are concluded individually.  Borrowers' library privileges will be suspended before the clearance of fine.

  11. Library cards are not allowed to lend to others.  The Library will suspend both parties' (lender and borrower) library privileges for two months in violation.

  12. Faculty and staff should return all borrowed items when quitting position or studying abroad.  Part-time teachers and contract staff should return borrowed items before the expiration date of contract or before leaving department within the contract period.  Students should return borrowed items before leaving in case of drop out, deferment and graduation.

  13. Readers should notify the Library for loss of ID.  If failing to inform and resulted in fraudulent use of ID, the original ID holder is responsible for compensation.

  14. Readers are held responsible for compensation of any lost, defacement and damage of borrowed materials and attachments, or for any violations subject to article 13.  Compensation rules are concluded individually.

  15. In case of stealing, suspected students will be handled by office of student affairs; suspected faculty and staff, part-time teachers and contract staff will be reported to the president.

  16. The Library is equipped with book return boxes, copy stands, and scanners for readers to use.  Related using rules are concluded individually.

  17. The Library provides interlibrary loan services.  Related rules are concluded individually.

  18. The borrowing rules of NTUST alumni, retired faculty and other concerned staff are concluded individually.

  19. Borrowers should unquestionably follow the intellectual property rights and its related regulations with the borrowed materials (attachment is included) and audio-visual materials. Borrowers are account for legal responsibility in case of serious violation.

  20. Deficiencies of this direction should be compensated and administered in accordance with relevant regulations.

  21. This rule is passed by the Library Committee and shall be promulgated after it is sanctioned by the president. The same will apply in the case of amendments and revisions.