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Interlibrary Loan Service


Interlibrary loan assists in-house readers to obtain research materials that are not available in the NTUST library. It is a resource-sharing between libraries. Readers who find the needed materials not accessible in the NTUST collection might make purchase recommendation or make use of the Interlibrary loan service to borrow books or copied documents from other libraries or institutions.


Interlibrary loan Online Information
‧Tel: (02)2737-6189 or 2737-6198 (Office hour only)
‧E-mail: lanhs@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Interlibrary loan Card Information
‧Tel: 2737-6196 (Office hour only)
‧E-mail: lib@mail.ntust.edu.tw


Interschool loans

Online loans

  • Readers make use of the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) to register online. Books borrowing and returning are done at the Library.
  • An automatic e-mail notice will be sent to readers once the requested materials arrive
  • Check out / Return counter: Circulation Office on the 4F
  • Fees are subject to the practices of the applied library
  • Holdings can be located through:


On-spot loans with library cards of associated schools

  • NTUST has signed the “Interlibrary Loan Agreement” with libraries of local universities and institutions including National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National ChengChi University, National Taipei University of Technology, Tamkung University, Institute of Ethnology of Academia Sinica, Institute of History and Philology of Academia Sinica, National Taipei College of Business, Shih Hsin University, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taipei Medical University, SooChow University and Taipei Municipal University of Education. Associated libraries offer borrowing and library card exchange services.
  • Readers won’t be charged if the borrowing and returning are done at the associated library counter in person.
  • Please refer to Interlibrary Loan Card Service for applications and cautions.