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【Lecture】Natural Forces: Architecture in Designing for Climate (Apr, 25)

In Celebration of 50th Founding Anniversary of Taiwan Tech

Go global and open new horizonslecture organized by Taiwan Tech Library in 2024


📣Title: Natural Forces: Architecture in Designing for Climate

👉Speaker: Min Ter Lim, Design Director at MIIM Office for Architecture

📆TimeApril 25th ,2024 (Thur) 
11:00-11:50 First-half lecture 

                    11:50-12:30 Free lunch box provided 

12:30-13:20 Second-half lecture 

13:20-13:30 Q&A time 

13:30-14:00 Free refreshment box provided

🏠Place IB-201 (International Building) Conference Hall

🌎Language: English

 Website for Registration: https://activity.lib.ntust.edu.tw/




The World Green Building Council estimates that the built environment alone is responsible for about 40% of global carbon emissions from energy consumption. Part of this is due to the inevitable effects of technological progress and increasing demand for human comfort levels, oftentimes at odds with mother nature. How can our buildings and cities be more aligned with earth’s natural forces without sacrificing modern life? How did we do it in the past? And how can architecture and technology work together to improve not just our climate and environment, but also the social and cultural lives of people and communities? The first half of the lecture looks at recent modern history of how we designed buildings before new construction technologies such as the air conditioner. The second half will explore these issues through personal experiences and projects both in Taiwan and abroad.



MIIM Office for Architecture is an award-winning architecture practice dedicated to creating positive change through design. Our work is driven by critical research on function, sustainable materials, the environment, and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Building on the founder Min Ter Lim’s breadth and depth of experience as project leader for numerous projects around the world, the team develops innovative spaces that tell stories of their occupants, are informed by site and context, and have broad and meaningful impact on society. The result is a perfect balance between form and function.       

MIIM is led by Min Ter Lim, previously a project leader architect at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in Denmark, where he was responsible for several key projects throughout the world. He received his Master of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he also was a studio instructor, design critic, and teaching assistant. He graduated with Honors from Wesleyan University and received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Studio Arts. His design and research interests explore artistic forms that are inflected by terrestrial processes, and their application as architectural strategies.

Min has also worked for Machado & Silvetti in Boston, Studio Zhu Pei in Beijing, and Kyu Sung Woo Architects in Cambridge. He was an adjunct instructor at National Cheng Kung University and Tamkang University and taught several studios that investigated new paradigms in design that integrated architecture, urbanism, and landscape ecologies to create cities of the future.


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