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2023/5/9 "Towards the World, Opening New Perspectives" Travel Lecture

With the COVID-19 pandemic nearing its end, many people have started planning their trips abroad. On May 9th, Taiwan Tech library organized a special travel lecture titled "Towards the World, Opening New Perspectives." We invited Professor Ming-Jer Lee, who has traveled to many countries, to be the keynote speaker.

The lecture focused on roaming Italy, with the journey starting from Palermo, the capital of Sicily in southern Italy, and heading north to the Dolomites on the Italian-Austrian border. The travel lecture was divided into two sessions: the first session covered Professor Lee’s experience of itinerary planning, while the second session focused on sharing his travel photography techniques and basic image editing. The audience had greatly benefited from this lecture.

In addition, the library hosted a book exhibition titled "International Roaming: Travel and Photography " at the new book display area on the 1F, from May 9th to May 23rd, and the online book list is at: https://sites.google.com/view/ittravel. Welcome to join us.

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