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From now on, please “register before using the seats” in the reading room and computer classroom.

From now on, when coming to the library for the reading room or computer classroom, please make sure to register for a seat!


Since 10/11 (Tue), the library has enabled "Intelligence Space Service". For those who want to use the reading rooms on the second and third floors, and the computer classroom (Learning Commons) on the first floor of the front building, please use the “Seating System Computer” at the entrance to register a seat.


  • The seat usage priority is given after registering.
  • If an early leave is needed, please select "End Early" on the computer to release the seats to others.
  • The system will automatically release the seat after 120 minutes if the reader did not return.
  • After registering a seat in the computer classroom (Learning Commons), readers must log in to use the computer and log out before leaving.

Click on the link to find out the real-time availability of library seats!

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