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【Announcement】Light Meal Area Open on Feb. 23

Light Meal Area  to Open on Feb 23 (Fri)!

An opening ceremony for “Light Meal Area”, which is located at the first floor of the library, will be held at 10 AM on Feb 23 (Fri).   A tea party starting from 10:10 AM will be held on that day after the opening ceremony.


The opening hours for “Light Meal Area” are as follows.
During the Semesters,
Mon through Fri: 8:10-23:30
Sat and Sun : 8:30-21:30


During the Winter and Summer Breaks,
Mon through Fri:  8:10-20:00;
Sat and Sun: 8:30-17:00.


User Guide to Light Meal Area
Please click on the link below for further details.


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