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Q4:How do I renew my books? (Renewals)

Most books can be renewed online by yourself. Renewal will only be accepted within 3 days before the due date. After the renewal, the due date will be postponed for another general loan period counting from the renewal day. Overdue books can not be renewed.

Renew materials online by the following steps.

(1)Go to the library home page and select "My Account"

(2) Enter the barcode number at the bottom of your student ID card or or the barcode number of the borrowing card, (for example, D9506802).

(3) Enter your password. For students who have not changed their password, please enter your Student ID card number.

Employees of the school should enter their Employee ID card number. Don't forget to capitalize the first letter of your ID card or Employee ID card number.

(4) Click on “(Items currently checked out)” to see which materials you currently have checked out. Check the boxes next to the materials you want to renew and then press “renew” at the top of the screen. You can only renew materials in the final 3 days before they are due, providing that no other user has already placed them on hold.


How to check my account (of foreign nationality)

Status ID PIN
Faculty & Staff Passport No. Passport No.
Part-time teachers Passport No. Passport No.
Postdoctoral Researchers Passport No. Passport No.
Contract staff Barcode No. Passport No.
Visiting Scholars Passport No. Passport No.
Ph.D program Students Student ID No. Student ID No.
Master's program Students Student ID No. Student ID No.
Undergraduate Students Student ID No. Student ID No.


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