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【Announcement】Measures for “First-Grade Epidemic Prevention” at Taiwan Tech Library

In response to the 2019 novel coronavirus infection disease (COVID-19), Taiwan Tech Library has completed an epidemic prevention proposal, which consists of usual epidemic prevention, second-grade epidemic prevention, and first-grade epidemic prevention.


At the present time, Taiwan is in the status of “first-grade epidemic prevention” according to the Central Epidemics Command Center (CECC) in Taiwan.


Measures for “Usual Epidemic Prevention” at Taiwan Tech Library starting from March 2 (Mon), 2020 will be as follows, which will need to be obeyed by all readers, library staffs, and part-time assistants:


  1. Upon entering the library, readers are required to wear face mask prepared by themselves.


  1. Those visitors who would like to enter the library should fill out the epidemic survey questionnaire, providing personal basic information and physical condition, as required by our University for exercising the epidemic prevention.


  1. Wash your hands frequently when needed or use alcohol spray in the library counters to disinfect your hands.


  1. Those staffs and part-time assistants who are on duty at the service counter of the library should wear face mask, and should practice enhanced disinfection for the service counter.


  1. Keep windows open to facilitate the circulation of fresh air for the first, second, and third floors of the front building, including light-meal zone, computer classroom, information retrieval zone (1F); study room, discussion room/audiovisual zone (2F); and best seller/classical collections/study areas (3F).


  1. Cleaning and disinfection for all the library rooms should be completed by 8:30 am every day, which consists of desks and chairs, door handles, computer keyboards and mouse, elevator press buttons, and press buttons for drinking water fountain, etc. 


  1. Two forehead temperature measuring stations will be set up at the circulation counter of the library entrance at 1F.  Two side doors at the library entrance will be closed, and only the automatic door will be open.  Prior to class begins on March 2 (Mon), library staffs will take turns for forehead temperature check for readers two hours per week during the office hours, while part-time assistants will be responsible for the same work during the noon time and non-office hours when library staffs are not on duty.  After class begins on March 2, extra manpower needed for the forehead temperature check for readers will be filled in by part-time assistants.


  1. Readers entering the library are required to have their forehead temperature measured by library staffs or part-time assistants.  Readers with forehead temperature over 37.5oC (included) are not allowed to enter the library.


  1. All of the library staffs and part-time assistants are required to have their forehead temperature measured at the library entrance upon entering the library for work every day.


  1. In addition to the three locations where alcohol spray available for hands disinfection in the library is placed, namely,  1F circulation counter, 1F  information retrieval counter, and 2F service counter at audiovisual room, four additional locations available for alcohol spray in the library will be arranged.  These will include 1F light-meal zone, elevator entrance at 1F of rear building, and both front and rear entrances to 3F best seller/classical collections/study areas.


  1. Indoor library activities, such as reading promotion, database workshop, and guided tour etc., will be generally either postponed or cancelled.  Should the activity be held as usual, participants should wear face mask and have their forehead temperature measured at the beginning of the activity.



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