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Book drop Rules

(Passed pursuant to the Library Committee dated Sep 23, 1999)


  1. Readers may drop the to-be returned items and attachments in the book drop box located at the Library entrance when counters close. The return date will be the following service day.
  2. Readers should return the items with the attachment attached, if there is any.  Either one of the aforementioned on hold is viewed as incomplete return. Readers should make up the item or attachment within the due date after receiving notice from the Library.  If the item is overdue, readers are held accountable for the fine.
  3. All return records are subject to the Library checking.  Readers are responsible for any loss.
  4. The number of items available is subject to the computer records before the Library checking.
  5. If the returned items are overdue, readers are fined according to the amount shown on the computer.
  6. Large-size items should be returned at the return counter during service hour, they are not allowed to be placed outside the book drop box.  (service hour will be announced)
  7. This direction is passed by the Library Committee and shall be promulgated after it is sanctioned by the principal as amendments made are likewise.