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Reading room directions

(Revised and passed pursuant to the Library Committee dated Oct, 1999)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 1st Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2006 dated Oct 3, 2006)


  1. Reading room on the 2nd floor is not available for visitors.
  2. Readers are not allowed to occupy seats for others.  Please write down the time when you leave the seat.  Others have the right to take over the empty seat over a period of 30 minutes.
  3. Please bring all personal belongings with you when you leave your seat to avoid theft.
  4. Readers should take one seat each time instead of several in the reading room.  Readers should not refuse others to take the seat near by.
  5. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.  Readers fail to comply with the admonition of the others might be asked to leave the library immediately.
  6. Food is not allowed in the reading room.
  7. For personal belongings left and found at the library after service hour, the library has no responsibility of safekeeping.
  8. In case of dispute, readers should immediately report to the staff at the circulation desk to call the school polices for help.
  9. Reading room hours:
      Regular Semester Summer and Winter Break
    Mon to Fri 8:30~ 23:30 8:30~ 20:00
    Sat & Sun 8:30~ 21:30 8:30~ 17:00