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Access management directions

(Passed pursuant to the Library Committee dated Sep 23, 1999)
(Revised and passed pursuant to the 2nd Library Committee Meeting in Scholastic year 2006 dated May 4, 2007)


  1. The faculty, students and staff of NTUST should show student ID or staff ID and swipe in upon entering the library or using the reading room.
  2. Alumni who have applied for library privilege should show the alumni ID to enter the library.  Readers who haven’t applied for library privilege are able to apply for a visitor card to enter the library.
  3. The reading room on the 2nd floor provides limited seats and is not opened to visitors.  In events of violating the direction, visitors will be asked to leave the library immediately and be blacklisted on the visitor card list.  Violators are denied access to the library hereafter.
  4. Visitors over the age of 18 should provide a valid ID card with photo in exchanging a visitor card.
    • Visitor card should be returned on the same day.  The card will be turned into invalid the following day. 
    • The library holds no responsibility of safekeeping personal ID card if visitors fail to return the visitor card on the same day.
  5. Readers are allowed to bring personal belongings except food or drinks into the library.  Seats in the stacks are for reading and readers are not allowed to occupy for ones’ own use.
  6. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.  Readers fail to comply with the admonition of the librarians might be asked to leave the library immediately.
  7. Where to exchange visitor card: circulation desk on the 1st floor (service time will be announced)
  8. This direction is passed by the Library Committee and shall be promulgated after they are sanctioned by the president. The same will apply in the case of amendments and revisions.